About  us

In 2008, the story of Violette paints began. Its name was chosen to refer to beauty and innovation. Violette company specialized in wood coatings. In the first years of joining this industry, Violette started manufacturing wood stains and the company achieved unexpected
success in the local market of Egypt.
Violette intensified its effort in 2010 to develop all products range in the field of wood coating. Now these products attract the  ustomer’s appreciation. In 2015, Violette opened new foreign markets in each of: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Senegal.

Now, We launched our products range of automotive paints.
We export to many Arabian and African countries.
Our vision and plans exceed our today achievement.

Strong focus on key end user segment which will enable us to meet our customer satisfaction.
Market leader in the Egyptian market by delivering performance and creative products.

Innovative products, healthy environment.

To achieve our vision, we must commit to the below strategies:
Work truly toward our value.
Research and development is still working to fulfill the market needs for new and creative products.
Invade new foreign markets and increase our chance to export more.
Achieve an increase in return on sales.
Achieve an increase in return on shareholder.
Work safely, protect the environment.


About us

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